Ms Access Interview Questions For Beginners 2021

MS Access Interview Questions With Answers


Below is a list of top frequently asked MS Access Interview Questions with Answers.


Q1. What is the MS Access database?



Q2. What is the way to link explicit data in an Access database?


Follow the instructions below to link explicit data in an Access database:

  • Go to the Main Menu and click on External Data within the Import & Links group.
  • Import the required file.
  • Follow the instructions in the Get External Data wizard to find the file that links the Access database.


Q3. How many file extensions are there in MS Access?


Following are the six file extensions in MS Access:

  • Access blank project template .adn
  • Access database .accdb
  • Access project .adp
  • Access Workgroup .mdw
  • Protected access database .accde
  • Access workgroup .mdw


Q4. What is the maximum size for an Access 2.0 database?


The maximum size of an Access 2.0 version database is 1 gigabyte.


Q5. Which technique is used to increase the size of the database?


Replication is used to increase the size of the database.


Q6. What are some of the most important uses of MS Access?


Uses of MS Access:

  • MS Access is used as the frontend when the backend is an ODBC compliant product.
  • MS Access is widely used for small database applications which are based on the web and hosted on IIS using ASP.NET pages.
  • Primarily, it is used by small firms and businesses, specific departments in large organizations, and some people to develop applications on the desktop for data applications.
  • It can be used as RAD when developing standalone applications and prototypes.


Q7. What is Super Key? How is it different from candidate key?


  • A super key is a set of attributes within a table whose values can be used to uniquely identify a tuple.
  • On the other hand, a candidate key is a minimum set of mandatory attributes to identify a tuple.
  • A candidate key is also called a minimum super key.


Q8. What are the various types of relations between different data?


The data in the table can only form three types of relationships:


One-to-one relationship: This relationship specifies that only one item in a table can be linked to one item in another table.

One-to-many relationship: This relationship specifies that an item in one table can correspond to more than one item in another table.

Many-to-many relationship: This relationship specifies that more than one item in one table can correspond to more than one item in another table.


MS Access Interview Questions


Q9. What are the security features of MS Access?


MS Access security features are used to keep certain documents safe by locking them.

If you don't want to change some documents, you can lock the document containing the data and its code from modifications by changing the file system extension to .MDE. Only MDE extension files can be changed.

There can be specific tools found in the market that can be used to decompile and unlock the code but the changes made in the VB script are permanent.


Q10. How do you maintain relationships between different databases in Access?


Whenever a relationship is established between different databases, the first table in one database is considered the primary key while the new field in the second database is considered as the foreign key.


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