Microsoft Access Quiz 4

Best of Luck

Question 1.

If you needed to enter longer text in that field, which field type would you choose?

  • A) Text
  • B) Memo
  • C) Currency
  • D) Hyperlink
Question 2.

Expression Builder is an access tool that controls a _________ to enter an expression.

  • A) Expression Table
  • B) Expression Box
  • C) Expression Cell
  • D) Expression Palette
Question 3.

Which of the given objective is not a type of MS Access database object?

  • A) Table
  • B) Form
  • C) Worksheets
  • D) Modules
Question 4.

By which method we don't need to set field type and size while creating a new table?

  • A) Design View
  • B) While using Wizard
  • C) CreateTable By Entering Data
  • D) All of Above
Question 5.

The Yes/No Field size is always ________

  • A) 1 Bit
  • B) 1 Byte
  • C) 1 Character
  • D) 1 KB
Question 6.

The size of a field with number data type cannot be _____

  • A) 2
  • B) 4
  • C) 8
  • D) 16
Question 7.

Can you edit an already established relationship between the two tables?

  • A) Right click on the relationship line and then select Edit Relationship
  • B) Double click the relationship line
  • C) Both of above
  • D) None of above
Question 8.

What does the Show check box in the Query Design window represent?

  • A) Indicates whether the field is to be used or not.
  • B) Indicates whether the field is to be displayed in the query result.
  • C) Indicates whether field names are to be displayed in the query result.
  • D) Indicates whether the field is to be used for grouping the result.
Question 9.

Which of the following creates a drop down list of option values?

  • A) Ole Object
  • B) Hyperlink
  • C) Memo
  • D) Lookup Wizard
Question 10.

What is the maximum length of a text field?

  • A) 120
  • B) 255
  • C) 265
  • D) 75