Microsoft Access Quiz 3

Best of Luck

Question 1.

Enables the user to automatically insert numbers in sequential or random numbers.

  • A) Auto Number
  • B) Look up Wizard
  • C) Hyperlink
  • D) Ole object
Question 2.

A file with relatively permanent data.

  • A) Sequential file
  • B) Transaction file
  • C) Master file
  • D) Random file
Question 3.

The checking operation performed on the input data is called.

  • A) Control of data
  • B) Validation of data
  • C) Cross check
  • D) Verification of data
Question 4.

A search value can be an exact value or it can be.

  • A) Wild card character
  • B) Comparison operation
  • C) Relationship
  • D) Logical operator
Question 5.

Which of the following form styles is not available in the Form Wizard dialog box?.

  • A) Stone
  • B) Standard
  • C) Highlights
  • D) Blends
Question 6.

A____ is a field reserved for a specific data.

  • A) Report
  • B) Key
  • C) Record
  • D) Field
Question 7.

_____ enables the user to insert consecutive or random numbers of numbers automatically.

  • A) Auto Number
  • B) Look up Wizard
  • C) Hyperlink
  • D) Ole object
Question 8.

This form displays multiple records, one per row, in the form window.

  • A) Justified
  • B) Columnar
  • C) Tabular
  • D) Datasheet
Question 9.

In MS Access, OLE objects can store data types.

  • A) Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
  • B) Microsoft Word documents
  • C) Sounds
  • D) All of the above
Question 10.

Which of the following is not a selection technique?.

  • A) To select a row, click the record selector box to the left of the row
  • B) To select a column, double click anywhere in the column
  • C) To select a word, double click the word
  • D) To select an entire table click the empty box to the left of the field names